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W Magazine pioneer media in Portugal of global diffusion.

©W Magazine is a pioneering media that born in Cloud Computing and since 2009 makes the complete digitization in the Written Press in Portugal.

We are one click away. Online and Offline in Digital, E-Paper or paper. You can take the W Magazine with you anywhere and read articles on mobile platforms. Mobility and Portability. Through Internet, Web, PC, Tablet or iPad, by Data Transfer on Android, iPhone, Windows Phone or other compatible device you can participate and interact with us. © W Magazine in the Monthly Press has Daily Update of News on Offer at Subscription ( in Portuguese / Portugal ).

Credibility in information

©W Magazine media and information credibility are Globally recognized. The media ©W Magazine is regulated by the Regulatory Entity for Social Communication (ERC) in Portugal. Presents the Cover in national newsstand and Kiosks among other places of Press in Europe and in the World.

The media © W Magazine also has International registration. We work in Investigative Journalism.The news are written by accredited Journalists abroad and in Portugal. On Web © W Magazine is the Official Partner of the European Parliament's TV Channel on the Web -EuroparlTV and makes a diffusion in 22 different languages.

Editorial Statute 

W magazine is a publication of information and reporting to the Country Service and aims to assure the reader the right to be informed with truth, rigor and exemption.

W magazine constitutes a bond of union between all Portuguese in Portugal and abroad and acts independently of its political opinions or religious beliefs, playing a moderating role of the conflicts at National and International level.
W magazine complies with the provisions of the Constitution of the Republic according to which the exercise of rights and freedoms of expression and information 'can not be prevented or limited by any type or form of censorship'.
W magazine scrupulously scans the news sources used and seeks to identify them accurately.
W magazine has the responsibility of issuing an editorial line linking democratic principles in the political, economic, social, sport, cultural and other fields, at international level, based on an open society that does not set national boundaries for communication in the digital age of information in the networked world.
W magazine values ​​the concept of journalistic seriousness based on the code of professional ethics.
W magazine rejects journalism that campaigns to denigrate the reputation of individuals and institutions.
W magazine is owned by Belisa Maria Castelo Branco Duarte Godinho

The ecological footprint of the media.

W Magazine pioneer © W Green ads.

The pioneer W Magazine introduce the concept © W Green and the Ecological Footprint in the Media with Carbon Reduction (CO2) and Implemented Environment Friendly Advertising © W Green ads.
Because We Think About Climate Change.