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Yoga Sathya Class

Discover the inner and outer universe of vital energy with Sathya Yoga practices.

Yoga Sathya Class
Yoga Sathya Class

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About the event

The first contact with Yoga.

This class is for those who don't have any knowledge about Yoga, but who want to know more about it and try it out.

Or, you already know something and you're starting at home, but you're not sure if you're doing the postures correctly.

Or, if you want to practice face-to-face, but want to exchange ideas before class.

This initial online Yoga Sathya class is for these cases and all those who want to have or remember Yoga basics.

Approximate duration 30/45 minutes.

This event has a group. You’re welcome to join the group once you register for the event.
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  • Absolute Beginners Yoga Sathya

    This yoga class includes an online Yoga Sathya Club health and wellness session.




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